April Fool's Days

We are back again with our favourite bit of content to bring joy to your life.

Obviously April brings about Easter Weekend, a good excuse to pretend that it is summer when it is not. However, more importantly we get to enjoy the excitement of April Fools Day.

This year people may not have felt up for having as much fun as usual, it can be hard to feel in a  jokey mood when the world is not exactly filled with laughter. However, this was a great opportunity for brands to step up to the mark.

This edition of Humans Of Note looks at recognising some of the brands who made us laugh the most. It really is the small things...

Fancy some Smoup?

Heinz and Innocent provided us with a wee giggle, as they managed to convince a huge number of their customers that they had teamed up to create a whole new product. Smoup. What more could you want to get you through the April Showers? 

I don't know about you, but I am actually quite sad that this one was a joke. 


Mahabis...no wait...Pawhabis.

This one may be the saddest April fools yet. Mahabis left their customers devastated when they found out that this was not true. Mahabis (our favourite slipper company) led us all to believe that they had finally created the perfect pair of slippers for your pooch. 

I was all set to order some Pawhabis for my puppies, apparently coming in four colour options and looking fresh even after digging. They sound like a must-have.

Maybe the success of the fake product will encourage someone to actually get making these adorable little slippers. 


Need help with your footlong? 

Tackling a Subway footlong has always been a challenge but do not worry, Subway are here to help with their helping hand. A third-hand solution to all of our problems. Now we can scroll on our phones, reply to emails and eat a footlong sub all at the same time....

oh, only joking.. what a shame. 


Get your (fake) Sweat On. 

Tala and Wild Refill announced a partnership that was surprisingly, believed by a fair few people.
"Aimed at young professionals who want people to think they work out but don’t necessarily have the time to actually hit the gym. If there ever was a perfect match, the Sustainable Sweat Set has got your back."
Tala posted on Instagram, telling us that their brand new collaboration included a sweat scented deodorant from Wild and a brand new Skin Luxe set with built in sweat patches. What more could you want? We can now finally look as though we have been the gym, without actually having to do anything. 
Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 16.20.56


Lego SmartBricks


Yes, this is what we all thought when we saw this one. Nothing brings more pain to our lives than stepping on one of those cheeky pieces of Lego... except maybe stepping on your phone charger? So, you can imagine the disappointment when people quickly realised that this was a bit hoax.

Click the image below to see how these bad boys work... 

Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 16.24.16

We hope your spirits are lifted and faith in humanity restored. It is important to remember not to take life too seriously. 

Also, am I the only one who wishes that most of these had been real? 

Annie  & The Inkpact Team

P.S Kindness is contagious, pass it forward and if you have any stories to share with us please do, we would love to hear from you. 






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