Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Since the beginning of the year we have recruited a few new faces and I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to them all.

Are you ready?...


First up - Rob

Hi, I’m Rob – Operations Manager! I have two children Oliver and Hallie who keep me smiling! (Well most of the time).

My role at Inkpact is to look after our suppliers, ensuring the stationery makes it to our scribes on time, so we can successfully deliver our campaigns! I’m responsible for managing the finance of the business. I’m always looking at our processes and how to make us more efficient.



Hello, I’m Emma, Inkpact’s Head of Client Partnerships. My two young boys keep me on my toes and in no particular order I love travelling, gin and pretending I’m Monty Don in the garden.

My role at Inkpact is to get to know incredible, inspiring brands; from household names to up-and-coming brands who want to connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

I guide them through possible use cases to consider and we look at where they are going to see the greatest return. Then I start them on the Inkpact journey!

I’m always so excited to talk to brands and tell them more about what we do and how we do it. Please do get in touch at



Hi, I’m Jeannine – Inkpact’s Chief Customer Officer! I love travelling, animals, and discovering new bars and restaurants – I have a lengthy list of them to get through (tough life, I know).

My role at Inkpact is taking charge of everything customer related. Primarily this means looking after our amazing clients, helping them weave Inkpact into their marketing strategy, making sure their campaigns are running smoothly and generating the best results possible.

As well as this I also support anyone else in the team with anything client related – from supporting the sales team with my CRM and Loyalty knowledge, to helping shape our Marketing.

IMG_8473 2Andrew

I am Andrew, CTO and Co-Founder of Inkpact, I am a motivated guy and absolutely love what I do. I am also a huge cricket fan and take any opportunity I can to visit new places. 

My role at Inkpact is to look after everything tech related. Our platform makes sending handwritten notes at scale possible, and I take pride in making sure we are always looking at how we can improve it. Luckily, for me, my job sometimes means going over to India to work closely with our team members over there.

I also love sharing my knowledge through guest speaking and lecturing when I get the chance. 



Hi I’m Zach, Client Partnerships Manager.

I am a big fan of Rugby, and my weekends usually consist of going to my local club Harlequins in Twickenham. When I’m not working I am usually down the at the gym/pub or quoting the U.K. Office.

My role at Inkpact is to get amazing brands to become partners with us and to give the scribes lots of notes to write! I love meeting with prospective clients, getting a sense of how they are reaching out to their customers already and highlighting the long-term benefits of writing to their customers and making them feel valued.

You can reach me at



Hi there I'm Charlotte and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Inkpact. 
I'm obsessed with all things customer, experience & brand. I've spent my life bringing together aspects of humanity, behavioural science, psychology, technology and a serious amount of fun and creativity. 

I love spending time on the beach with my family. I am currently trying to learn to surf. Most importantly, I recently became mum to my gorgeous son Iroh. I have learnt so much from him already and I am so excited to watch him grow. 



Hey, I am Annie, Marketing Manager at Inkpact. More importantly, I am Scottish and moved to London not too long ago. I love people, animals, food, sport and gin so it is pretty easy to put me in a good mood.

My job at Inkpact is to tell everyone outside the company what we do, why we do it and how we do it. I am always looking to speak to members of our Scribe Tribe or our clients to hear stories about who you are. 

If you ever want a chat, to attend an event, share a story or find out more about Inkpact and what we do, just drop me an email:

IMG_8484 2


Hi I’m James, Inkpact’s Senior Client Partnership Manager. When I’m not working you will find me outside. I love sailing, hiking, wild camping, surfing – basically if its in the great outdoors, count me in!

My role at Inkpact is to help incredible brands to really connect with their customers in a meaningful and human way. I work brands to find the optimal way to use genuinely hand written notes to achieve their long and short term business goals and objectives. I would love to connect and see how I can help. Please do get in touch at


Hi, I’m Diana – Inkpact's Account Manager. I’m originally from Devon and so have the countryside in my veins!

I love swimming in the sea all year round and generally being outdoors.

My role at Inkpact is to look after all of our existing clients; making sure that their campaigns are running smoothly and on time. A key part of my role is to ensure that clients are utilizing us in the most effective way to achieve their objectives and gain the best possible results.

(Sadly still waiting to get my lovely rooftop shot but here is a photo of me anyway...)


Hello hello, I'm Edêle, Inkpact's Scribe Community Assistant. I bring a little bit of Irish charm to the Inkpact team and I love escape rooms, the colour pink and of course handwritten letters!
My role at Inkpact is supporting scribes to deliver great campaigns and helping Inkpact grow whilst keeping Scribes at the heart of the business.

I love creating opportunities for human connection and building a fun and welcoming community for our Scribe Tribe where they can make friends, learn new things and share moments from their life with an incredible group of like minded people.

Next time I am over in London, I will definitely be getting a glamorous photo on the roof. 


Yo, I’m Jay the company assistant here at Inkpact. I'm the so called "night owl" who is always awake late at night, chilling with my cats. I like to keep up with the tech world and what new hardwares and softwares are on the horizons.

My role at Inkpact is to help everyone here in whichever way I can. Most of my time is spent working in the support side; running queries, getting data from the database, helping PC issues and everything in-between.

I enjoy helping and solving issues within the tech space of the company and giving general advice. 

(I am still awaiting my cool headshot photo).


Why hello there! I’m Jane – I’m American, and I’m Inkpact’s Engagement Consultant. There’s nothing I like more than making something delicious in the kitchen or experimenting with mixing a few recipes together to get just the taste I want. I also love to ride my bike and watch Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday nights. After a recent trip to Indianapolis, I’m back in love with IndyCar racing.

I now live across the pond in the United States, but I started with Inkpact a while ago when I was working in London in true start-up style – five of us working around a big table in a loft office that was abuzz with lots of other start-ups. When Inkpact was ready to expand to the US, I was thrilled when Charlotte asked me to help! Over here, my main task is to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

I help out with recruiting new Scribes, getting Scribes on-board, making sure our supplies arrive on Scribes’ doorsteps and campaigns meet their deadlines. I try to answer as many questions as I can from our American Scribes … if I need help, my UK colleagues are only a quick message away and always ready to help. 

Supported by....

The Scribe Tribe 

We have a community of 1000+ creative freelancers across the UK and US. Our scribes are from all different backgrounds and places. They are the backbone of what we do. 

Find out more about the group of creative freelancers who handwrite every single one of our notecards.


Taral Softtech

Taral Softtech are our wonderful tech team who help make everything we do possible. They are based over in India and make sure our platform is running as smoothly as possible.

It is the hard work of our tech team and The Scribe Tribe which make it possible for us to send genuinely handwritten notes at mass scale. They are also the reason we are the only company who do what we do. 



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