Inkpact’s Safety Measures during Covid-19

After the government lockdown due to Covid-19, we have confirmed that posting systems such as Post office and Royal mail and our partners are still running, giving Inkpact the possibility to continue our usual business activities and continuing to run our latest initiative #CoLoveLetters.

In this moment of global emergency and social distancing, human touch is important now more than ever and we are here to help. We found ourselves already ready and set up for this moment thanks to our sharing economy company structure and organization. Our team and community of scribers is already working from home. However, we have taken extra safety measures to avoid covid-19 contamination for them, any notecard and gift recipients. 

Inkpact’s covid-19 safety measures

To ensure Inkpact’s handwritten letters are free from the virus’ contamination, we established a strict Covid-19 protocol involving hand washing, sanitisation between writing letters. Any writer presenting symptoms is not working during this time.

Our Head of Community, Tania, reached out to our scribe tribe to share our Covid-19 protocol and make sure all our writers are safe and updated with the latest governmental precautionary measures. This is of paramount importance to us.

Not only do we take safety seriously we also take our role in society seriously too.

Our #CoLoveLetter Initiative

In this time of fear and uncertainty, Inkpact decided to post 2000+ handwritten letters of love and support to those who are isolated and lonely because of the virus, or to our healthcare heros working non-stop to save lives. These #CoLoveLetters are sent from stranger to stranger, from human to human to change somebody’s day and spark a smile on the receiver’s face.

To be able to send these letters, we need to receive people’s address and names. Therefore, dear reader, if you wish to send a handwritten letter to your dear ones, to your healthcare hero, or to an isolated one, you can do it by completing this form.       

That’s not all!

Besides donating 2000 letters of love, Inkpact is also donating 100% of our March and April profits to Covid Mutual Aid, the Trussel Trust, and Age UK. To boost donations to these three charities and encourage people to keep spending, Inkpact is offering 20% discount to all businesses using our service NOW. Therefore, if you are a brand, small business or a self-employed looking for a way to thank your customers and encourage online spending check out our page to get 20% discount.

Spreading love and ensuring safety are of major interest to the Inkpact Team during this scary time! #CoLoveLetters, safety measures and other remedies is what we need now to fight against Covid-19.

Stay safe and spread love,

The Inkpact Team

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