Sweaty Betty Empowering Women with Inkpact.

We have some gossip for you....shhh don't tell anyone. Keep reading to find out about two of our favourite campaigns with our client, Sweaty Betty. We have run multiple incredible campaigns with Sweaty Betty this year already and we are very happy to be able to share the results from two of those with you. However, if this is not enough and you'd like to hear more results or have a chat with one of our experts, click here.

I guess in other words... you could call this a case study. 

Campaign 1: International Women's Day 2021

What we did...

As a brand who have always championed strong women, and after a challenging year for everyone, Sweaty Betty wanted to thank members of their “Insiders” programme and celebrate them and their loved ones on International Women’s Day.

They didn’t want this message to get lost in the inbox, and wanted a way for their customers to be able to share this love even further. Inkpact’s handwritten notes were the perfect way to deliver this, and so our partnership begun!

IWD Inkpact Feedback 1

How we did it...

Sweaty Betty designed a beautiful, branded postcard with “EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN” emblazoned on the back. We sent the stationery out to our amazing scribes, who were very happy to be writing not only for one of their favourite brands, but with such an important message. Their beautiful handwriting transformed Sweaty Betty’s copy into super personal, heartfelt messages.

Our scribes popped the postcards in handwritten envelopes, and added a spare postcard, telling recipients to pass on the extra card to a woman who empowers them, to share the love on International Women’s Day.

As the postcards started landing on doormats around the country, love for Sweaty Betty started pouring in!



So many customers took to social media to say thank you to Sweaty Betty, commenting on the beautiful handwriting and pondering who to pass their extra card on to. Making women feel special on International Women’s Day and saying thank you for their support during a tough year was the main aim, and Sweaty Betty were SO happy with the overwhelming reaction they received from customers.

Sweaty Betty also saw amazing commercial results. Taking a control group before the campaign was sent meant they could prove a 15% sales uplift as a result of the campaign, with 54% of people who received the campaign making a purchase within the first 3 weeks.

Campaign 2: 15 year of Sweaty Betty with Inkpact. 

What we did...

Sweaty Betty wanted to thank a really special group of customers – those who had been shopping with them for 15 years! They wanted this to be done in a really personal way, that genuinely got across how thankful they were to their customers for standing by them for so long.

A handwritten note was definitely the best way!

Sweaty Betty 15 year example 2

How we did it...

Sweaty Betty designed a postcard with the slogan “15 YEARS OF WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN”, and our scribes hand wrote messages of thanks on each and every one.

With a handwritten envelope and a real stamp, they looked really special as they dropped through customers’ letterboxes across the country – spreading joy to everyone who received one.

Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 15.19.01


As we see for all of our campaigns, customers took to social media to say thank you to Sweaty Betty, touched at receiving something so heartfelt and personal.

As well as this, the campaign achieved an incredible sales uplift. 31% of customers who received a handwritten note went on to transact in the first three weeks, which was 210% higher than the transactions seen from customers who didn’t get a handwritten note. We loved this campaign because it was a win for our scribes, a win for customers and a win for Sweaty Betty – win, win win!!

And there you have it... lots of juicy gossip from Inkpact and Sweaty Betty. 

, If you want to hear more about any other campaigns or find out how we could help you then please do book a call or email hello@inkpact.com

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