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We currently have over 1000 Scribes in the UK and the US. 

As you already know, we are all about human experience. We allow brands to send personalised, handwritten notes to their customers. In a world of fast, digital, marketing -  this is a great way to engage customers. However, nothing would be possible without our  ‘Scribe Tribe,’ who hail from all walks of life and from all backgrounds.

The Scribe Tribe are the backbone of what we do, producing handwritten notes on behalf of some of the most successful retailers in the UK and US, these include: John Lewis, BrewDog, Sweaty Betty and Elvie to name just a few. Our Scribe Tribe has proven to be somewhat of a family affair as multiple members of the same families have been signing up as scribes.

Meet Andrea and Jane

Jane, was previously a teacher and had always been an excellent calligrapher so was delighted and excited to hear her daughter, Andrea had joined "The Scribe Tribe" and it wasn’t long before Jane, based in the USA, followed suit. Andrea and Jane both love that this is something they can do together. They have found a community they love to be part of and with which they bonded over during the pandemic when they couldn’t be physically together.


Andrea, UK Scribe said: “My mother and I have been Scribes since 2019 and are delighted that we get to work so closely together at Inkpact. Inkpact is a lovely way to share a handwritten note to a brand's customers, as it offers a personal touch and feel you don’t see much nowadays - especially since the start of the pandemic.”

Meet Claire and Rachael

Claire and her sister Rachael, who run a mobile afternoon tea business together...


Claire, UK Scribe said: The last year has been very difficult for many businesses. Luckily, whilst my sister and I were both on maternity leave we became Scribes. Being a Scribe let us explore our creative side and helped us juggle our work life and family balance. Joining The Scribe Tribe has made us feel like we are part of a community and we enjoy being part of Inkpact’s Scribe Tribe.”

We have also recently welcomed Claire's husband, Rob, into the Inkpact family as Operations Manager and we are so happy to have them both as part of our incredible community. 

Meet Lauren and Luciya

During the pandemic, Lauren and her 87-year-old Grandmother Luciya became Scribes to spend more time together. Lauren was working in the travel sector, which was difficult during the pandemic. This led to Lauren joining the Scribe Tribe. Luciya helped Lauren seal and stamp notes she had written and it became a very special time they would look forward to together. Throughout 2021, Luciya was in hospital, but has come out feeling stronger and has started helping The Scribe Tribe again!

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Charlotte Pearce, Founder of Inkpact, said: “Creativity often runs in families like with Lauren and her grandmother Luciya and in an age where most people rely on technology to keep us connected, Inkpact has appealed to those who prefer the more traditional, personal touch. The handwritten word is often seen as a dying art, yet there are so many people out there with incredible handwriting who really want the opportunity to utilise that skill. Many of them don't get the opportunity to in their day to day lives. We thank our Scribes at Inkpact for helping us build a more human-first connection that really resonates with the recipient.”

Our Scribes are very important to us and we are so glad they feel part of a community and have bonded with often distant family members through The Scribe Tribe. We are delighted that the written word has connected brands to their customers, but also that our service has facilitated a community for family members and all people from different backgrounds. 

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If you would like to find out how you can make your customer experience and journey memorable, Click here to book a call with our experts.

Annie Muggoch, Marketing Executive, Inkpact. 



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