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Winning Back Lapsed Customers as Lockdown Eases

Winning back lapsed customers unfortunately has to be part of any CRM strategy. As incredible as your brand, service and comms might.

surprise and delight, customer loyalty, CRM strategy

by Jeannine Rafferty | February 25 2021
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Humanity will get us through...

Humanity will get us through 2021...because no matter how bad the world seems, people keep proving us wrong. To restore your faith in.

surprise and delight, Love in Business, humanity

by Annie Muggoch | February 16 2021
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Valentine's Day and The Power of Handwriting

Why do we feel the need to write "I love you" on a piece of paper? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the day brings around a.

personalised marketing, CRM strategy, valentines, handwritten

by Annie Muggoch | February 12 2021
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The Story of Inkpact

The Story of Inkpact February 2021 With it being International Storytelling week, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to.

personalisation, customer loyalty, CRM strategy, entrepreneurship

by Annie Muggoch | February 11 2021
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What makes a good CRM strategy?

Before I answer this question, why am I writing about this topic? Well, I’m Jeannine and I’ve worked in CRM and Loyalty for nearly ten.

surprise and delight, customer loyalty, CRM strategy

by Jeannine Rafferty | January 28 2021
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7 tips to engage your team and delight your customers during Covid-19

These are uncertain times for business and your team sometimes might feel unmotivated or unhappy. We, at Inkpact, suggest adopting a.

surprise and delight, customer loyalty, team engagement

by Domizia | May 5 2020
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Inkpact’s Safety Measures during Covid-19

After the government lockdown due to Covid-19, we have confirmed that posting systems such as Post office and Royal mail and our.

covid-19 safety measures

by The Inkpact Team | March 31 2020
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