COP 26 (Conference of the Parties 26) has been ongoing in Glasgow for the past few weeks. The summit is quite possibly the most important environmental summit of world leaders that we have ever seen and it is not one to be brushed to the side or ignored. Whether good or bad, this summit will go down in the history books.  

We wanted to take the time to spotlight some of the brands, campaigns and people that have been leading the way in changing the way we do things, educating and raising awareness around the climate crisis. 

"We need to stop talking about what we can do, and do what we can."

David Attenborough - COP 26 opening speech

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"This story is one of inequality, as well as instability. Today those who have done the least to cause this problem are being the hardest hit."

It would be wrong to start this blog without mentioning David Attenborough as a human being and his huge contribution to the climate crisis movement. However, there is nothing we can say that is as important as his opening speech to COP 26. Please take the time to watch it but more importantly listen. 

"We must use this opportunity to create a more equal world and our motivation should not be fear but hope."



Ørsted is the most sustainable company in the world. The Danish powerhouse is leading the way in renewable energy and we hope that energy companies are learning.

The company changed it's business from fossil fuels to renewable energy, proving that it is in fact possible. They are on track to be carbon neutral by 2025. 

“Every company must transition to a sustainable business model to contribute to the fight against climate change – and to stay in business,” the CEO explained.



The parent company of Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Ulysse Nardin and Pomellato is the only luxury conglomerate to make the top 10 sustainable companies. As the parent of so many huge and powerful brands the role Kering plays is huge and should be set as an example for the rest of the fashion industry. 

They are aiming to pave the way for the luxury fashion industry and have ensured sustainability is represented at every single point of governance. The Regenerative Fund for Nature was recently launched which will work to transform 1 million hectares of farms that work to produce raw materials for fashion supply chains. 

“Kering’s commitment to protect the nature on which it depends is a massive step forward for the fashion industry, and it represents a huge opportunity for this sector to influence billions of people and help to redefine what we value as consumers of fashion and luxury goods,” said Dr M Sanjayan, Conservation International CEO.


Mia Mottley 

Barbados PM

Before COP26, many of us may not have heard of Mia Mottley, and what a sad life we had been living. The charismatic, friendly and effortlessly open Prime Minister has won over all of our hearts. 

The female Prime Minister is not one for waiting around and neither should we be. If there was ever anything to be done in a hurry, it is the actions that have to be taken to prevent climate change. She has led her country and government at some pace into a lot of changes that had previously been thought unthinkable in Barabados.

She has made it  her own mission to tear down the old ways and allow space to rebuild the country as a republic by the end of the year. Her spirit and ambition has been admired by many at COP 26 and perhaps it is people like her who we should be listening too as we work out what the future for our planet holds.  

“Climate does lead to serious issues that can lead to a failed state and climate refugees in large numbers… we’ve been saying all along, draw brakes. We didn’t cause these greenhouse gas emissions to explode through the roof, but we are on the front line of it.” (Vogue, 2021)

"I ask to you: what must we say to our people, living on the frontline in the Caribbean, in Africa, in Latin America, in the Pacific, when both ambition and, regrettably, some of the needed faces at Glasgow, are not present? What excuse should we give for the failure?

When will leaders lead? Our people are watching, and our people are taking note. And are we really going to leave Scotland without the resolve and the ambition that is sorely needed to save lives and to save out planet?

Are we so blinded and hardened that we can no longer appreciate the cries of humanity?”


McCormick & Company

McCormick may not be ranked in the Top 5 most sustainable companies however it is the leader of the food industry. The company has been moving up the ranks since it was founded and is fully dedicated to improving the world that we live in. 

The Fortune 1000 company has committed to sustainable sourcing to support farmers across more than 80 countries while also investing in farming communities in Madagascar, India and Indonesia. 

Sustainable sourcing is something all companies should commit to doing. 


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