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    How to get your automated campaign opened, every time.

    As digital grows, so does the surprise of receiving something in the post. Here at Inkpact we’ve been discussing the reasons behind the sky high open rates that businesses get when they design a campaign. We’ve come up with four ingredients that we think are the secret and want to let you in or the customer service trick that so many companies are catching on to.

    A Curious Nature

    It’s not your birthday, it’s not Christmas and it’s not a typed and automated letter…so what is it? In a world of digital screens with inboxes full of impersonal emails, it’s easy to see why your name handwritten across the front of an envelope gets your full attention. Whether it was waiting for you on the doormat, pigeon hole or handed to you across your desk, it doesn’t take long before curiosity gets the best of us and we tear the envelope open. 99% of all Inkpact recipients do the same. That’s a 99% open rate.

    A Scribed Surprise

    When the note or letter is read, it’s clear it’s genuinely handwritten and it’s personalised to you. We never expect that from a big company, because until now it’s been impossible. (We’d love to take credit for the beautiful handwriting, but thankfully we have a brilliant community of writers that do our penning perfectly).

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    A Human Connection

    Someone, somewhere, sat at a desk and actually wrote your name in real ink. On lovely stationery. That’s not something you keep to yourself. Many of the Inkpact communication we send out ends up on social or shared with friends and colleagues.

    The Digital Disruption

    The whole time you were reading, your eyes were on the letter. Nothing popping up in front of the text and no notifications distracting you whilst you’re reading. That’s the beauty of being a little old fashioned…complete disruption from digital. You’re completely focused on the brand message. When someone takes the time to put pen to paper, it’s not easy to forget. Our guess is that this may now sit somewhere on your desk, undeletable.

    With an automated Inkpact campaign, you design your stationery to compliment your brand, customise your message-to-many and schedule it to be delivered on a specific date. We do the rest. So if you’d like to be one of the companies with smitten customers, you can get in touch with us at to discuss what we could create with you.

    Be Unforgettable.



    10 Brilliant Handwritten Letters To Santa (Love From The Famous)

    I’m completely addicted to reading the posts on Letters Live. If you haven’t heard of it, I’m excited for you. (If you like snooping through letters sent by famous celebs and great people throughout history…who doesn’t?)

    Letters Live is a live celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence. Each show always features a completely different array of great performers, reading remarkable letters written over the centuries and from around the world. One of the joys of Letters Live is that one never knows who is going to take to the stage or what letter they are going to bring alive.

    Shaun Usher, the professional snooper and total genius behind Letters Live, asked some famous friends to write a letter to the one and only…Father Christmas. Some are hilarious, some are nostalgic and most are completely touching.

    Here’s our top ten favourites!
    (Click the pics to read more.)

    1. Benedict Cumberbatch longs for more magic for children going through rough times

    I feel a little sorry for you. And I guess I’ve done exactly what I said I wouldn’t… Asked you to help with adult problems and solve some of the greatest worries we have for our children. I promise to leave some extra port and mince pies for you! Lots of love Benedict x P.S. Please could I have that lightsaber now

    2. Jarvis Cocker doesn’t want a lot for Christmas.

    Blind faith, Personal wifi & network coverage “cold-spot” (dunno if this has been invented yet – but it ought to have been), Sheffield Wednesday season ticket, Cashmere underpants, Sexy glasses, Remote-control suitcase

    3. Russell Brand hilariously reveals more than most. As usual.


    Are you real? And this annual gift giving bonanza that you’ve masterminded – what’s that all about? I’ve got some obvious questions around physics (rotund tum vs narrow chimney, travel time etc)

    4. Thandie Newton urges Santa to let Mrs Claus inspire the world with her presence this year.

    You wouldn’t be so jolly, energetic and kind without the presence of a woman in your life. She must be FANTASTIC. You must love her to bits.

    5. Shaun Usher pours out his belief in the power of the pen.


    I spend my days searching for, reading, and then compiling books of “letters of note”, to illustrate that the dying art of letter writing is worth breathing life into. To show that it really is worth the extra effort; that the very act of putting pen to paper, of taking things a little slower, can bring out the best in us and strengthen bonds.

    6. Ellie Bamber is just a big kid at heart. In glittery shoes.


    I don’t really need much in the way of presents because being adult means you earn your own living and should I ever have the urge to go and buy a Frozen toy, I have the means to do so. That’s quite a nice feeling.

    7. Yann Martel longs to press the reset button on our current world.


    I appeal to you. Father Christmas, please take this bruised and battered world, wrap it in gift-wrap paper, and return it to us so that we might open it up with the same sense of wonder and delight that children show when they open the gifts you bring them. Make this world once again the beautiful, marvellous present that it is.

    8. Matt Haig is full to the brim with Christmas spirit and belief in the miracle that is…you! (Aww.)

    we are here, and not as dung-beetles but as HUMANS with the power not only to believe in Father Christmas and to write letters and create ART but also the power to understand the most important thing of all: THAT WE ARE *ALIVE*

    9. Annie Lennox gets reflective.


    The fact is, I only believed in you until I was about 6 years old, so once it dawned on me that you were the central figure in a collusion between parents and toy manufacturers all over the Western world, there seemed to be little point in writing to you anymore.


    10. Thom Yorke asks Santa to prioritise this year.


    here it is mostly rain. not even jumper weather yet! but the christmas albums are already being played in the shops. that must be so embarrassing for you.

    Inkpact help the lives of others whilst truly connecting humans in business with the power of handwritten communication. Our writer community beautifully write communication for businesses of any size and help them to create unforgettable campaigns.

    This year, let’s write something personal in your Christmas cards:




    Handwritten birthday letters stored secretly for 18 years.

    Imagine getting a message from everyone who has ever loved you, for every year you were born. All in one go. Not just a message to say ‘happy birthday, we love you‘, but to read all the ways in which they loved you.

    Abby’s parents decided to start a birthday time capsule for their daughter since she was one year old. Instead of having lots of presents that a one year old couldn’t appreciate, they asked relatives to write messages to her, to be kept in a box until she was 18.

    Some of the letters were written from relatives that had sadly passed away.

    My grandpa always used a certain kind of stationery,” Abby said. “It was such a visceral reaction to seeing his handwriting and feeling the paper. It was like he was standing there next to me. We have always joked that the two of us are so similar that we share a bond no one else understands.

    In an emotional Facebook clip, you can see the power of the letter as Abby reads through them.

    What a way to #beunforgettable.

    MARION – For 17 years, Abby Van Metre’s birthday gift was kept secret. A box full of letters from relatives, some who died before Abby could read the messages, sat in an antique box on a shelf in her Marion home.

    Read more here.
    Source: Marion teen receives greatest birthday gift of all

    Want to be unforgettable with you own clients? We’ve created a service to create personalised handwritten communication at scale. So now you write to everyone that’s important, at the touch of a button. Real humans, real paper, real ink. 

    get in front of your customers at christmas

    Are handwritten Christmas cards the antidote to the digital black hole?

    At Inkpact, we think they are.
    But you’d expect us to say that, wouldn’t you, because this is what we do.

    Digital communication changed the world when it arrived.
    But now that digital is so ubiquitous, it is losing some of its effectiveness.

    We believe this is a trend that companies can use to their advantage.
    And there’s no time better than Christmas to do so.

    How big is the digital black hole?
    The most recent report on email statistics from the Radicati Group estimates that a whopping 205 billion emails are sent every day.  Approximately half of these are for business. Only about 79% emails make it through the thicket of security, authentication, compliance and regulation to the intended recipient.

    In email marketing campaigns, experts estimate that only about a quarter are opened, on average, and if you want the recipient to click on a link in the email, less than 4% will take action (source: Get Response – State of Email Marketing).

    What can make digital more effective? The human touch.
    Accenture, Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey have all recently advised clients that adding human interaction helps bridge digital disconnection.

    There is nothing more human than a handwritten Christmas card.
    It’s the one piece of post that is almost guaranteed to be opened because it genuinely carries only goodwill and thoughtfulness. Mailboxes are much less cluttered than inboxes.

    We think there are two ways that businesses can look at Christmas cards.
    Yes, sending a greeting at Christmas to clients, customers, partners, investors and other stakeholders is expected, and as long as you do something to tick the box, you can move quickly onto the next item on your ever-expanding to do list.

    But with just a little more effort, you can turn your Christmas card from something that’s run of the mill and easily passed by to something that surprises and delights and returns the investment, raising visibility and building goodwill.

    Here are the five steps that tranform Christmas cards from ordinary to extraordinary:
    1. Pick the right card – Find a design that makes an impact, or have an artist create a visual that depicts something special that elevates your brand

    2. Personalise the message – Just one line that relates to something particular in the relationship is the one action that truly transforms the card from expected to meaningful

    3. Express gratitude – Everyone likes to be thanked for their business and there’s no better time than the holiday season to say thank you to the people who have supported your business

    4. Handwrite the message – This alone will make your card stand out; genuine, human handwritten messages are rare. Handwriting conveys thoughtfulness, care and a williingness to invest in the relationship

    5. Post your cards early in the season – In the UK, this means end of November or the very first week in December. In the US, right after Thanksgiving. Being first in keeps you out of the crowd and means your card makes a bigger impact by being on display longer, decorating with Christmas spirit

    The right Christmas card with a beautifully expressed message written by hand portrays your business in the best light, shows you care and serves as an excellent reminder that you’re a company that’s good to do business with. It shows you go beyond what’s expected in business etiquette and networking.

    If you haven’t had a chance yet to look at our Christmas card collection, take a look here.
    Our collection features contemporary holiday illustrations by young British artists, inspired by the world around them. Using Inkpact for your Christmas cards means that you’re supporting a social enterprise that helps people from all walks of life, from parents, retired seniors, students, creative freelancers, formerly homeless and ex-offenders to use the power of handwriting to progress their future.